Welcome to codeDraw !!!

•July 9, 2009 • 1 Comment

Hello everyone and welcome to codeDraw’s Project Blog. This is my first post here and my intention is to explain you: “What’s codeDraw”.

Well, I’ll try to make it as simple as I can: Each one of us tried, at least once in life, unleast you’re not an ActionScript (AS) developer, to create and draw a MovieClip/Sprite using only code. As much as we could, rectangles and low count sides polygons were dificult to create due to their point by point work and the very famous “lineTo” and “curveTo” methods. Most of times we needed to create random functions that did the job for us, but random … random isn’t art.

Art is what we can see, art is WYSIWYG. Well, at least, WYSIWYG allows art. 🙂 (as a matter of fact, random “sometimes” is art 🙂 )

So here is where codeDraw comes in: Imagine a tool that allows developers, flash designers and so, to create ActionScript components/MovieClips using code, but without seeing the code. Just thinking on “where this line goes” or “I think this space craft should be rounded here” exactly as Adobe® Flashâ„¢ does.

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Well, that’s what codeDraw “WANTs TO BE”. So here is the first public beta (I still have a lot of balance work to do), but I really wanted to publish it ’cause I trust Flash/Flex comunities feedback around the world will help this idea to grow. Through comunity’s posts, articles, forums and tutorials I’ve meet this amazing world that turns around Flash Playerâ„¢.

So thanks you all.

PD: Sorry for my english, spanish is my native language and I’m trying to make this as good as I can. Thanks you all again.

I’ll soon publish source code, there still a few comments I must complete to publish it.